Bar Harbor Web Design is a website design and development company. We offer reliable, affordable websites for the non-profit and small business community. Our goal is to create websites that promote your brand and grow your business!

Deal Partners Group is committed to representing the best interests of clients and their shareholders while leveraging all of their resources, contacts, and relationships to work towards a successful close.

Making and discussing art with a trained and experienced Art Therapist holds the possibility for you or your loved one to achieve greater self awareness, improved mental and emotional clarity, and increased self esteem. This process creates ways to understand and cope with stress and illness which will ultimately lead to healing and balance.

KGG Enterprises, founded in 2007 by Kerry Gillick-Goldberg, is one of Long Island’s leading boutique public relations, marketing and event firms. With a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, KGG carefully balances its portfolio with both for-profit and not-for-profit clients.

Long Island Software & Technology Network (LISTnet) was founded as a member supported organization in 1997. LISTnet’s ongoing mission is to promote Long Island as a national center of excellence for software and technology. We connect companies, educators and government, to form a strong technology ecosystem on Long Island. We help companies collaborate, hold events to share ideas and information, work to improve the tech workforce and partner with companies providing the high tech centers and work spaces needed for the growth of the Long Island software and technology community.

Founded in 1997, MartinWolf is the leading mid-market M&A Advisory firm focused exclusively on the global IT Industry.

Optel BCS, Inc. is all about building a well-balanced and enduring voice and data networking business that provides customers with high quality technology solutions. These solutions are delivered by dedicated professionals who care about building satisfied long term relationships with clients.

We help your business or organization be the best that it can be, by helping you find or build the right software to help you grow.

Take the worry out of winter fuel oil deliveries. POEM Technology’s wireless tank gauges come in two types, the iLevel and the psi-Level.
Both are simple to install and provide real time internet access to your fuel oil levels.

SintelSat is a global telecom company based in Long Island, New York providing infrastructure, systems, services and turnkey solutions using Satellite, Fiber, Microwave, FSO and Wi-Fi/ Wi-MAX wireless technologies. Our networks are resilient, redundant and designed for the most optimum use for specific applications from mission critical highest reliability to most affordable commercial solutions.

We are a multi-faceted software application and web development firm.  We tailor to small businesses.  We can take a business owner’s idea for product line growth and turn it into reality.

Straight Forward Media is a full service marketing agency focusing on media buying and strategy. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most transparent and personalized attention to provide an advertising campaign that fits your budget.

Tomex is a boutique security system integrator and exclusive Genetec Unified Elite Partner in the NYC Area. With over 25 years of experience, Tomex has provided unwavering service to many of New York’s organizations, including housing, schools, medical facilities and much more. By using the powerful tools Genetec provides, Tomex is able to integrate and federate both new and old security systems into one unified solution.

U-Group Advertising is a full service traditional and digital advertising agency built from the very foundation to make you grow. We at U-Group Advertising believe that ideas are more than just a thought. Ideas need to be developed, molded and constructed to ensure the growth and success of our clients. However, there are more to ideas than that. It’s how we apply them. How do we apply these ideas, you ask? Well, we innovatively put them into play by effective advertising campaigns, extensive market research/analysis and methodical exhibitions to make the connection between you and the consumer and keep it strong. U-Group Advertising believes that the client is our top priority. We will stay in the shadows and make you shine brighter than ever. U-Group Advertising is here to make you grow.

The mission of the Urban League of Long Island is to empower African-Americans and other disenfranchised individuals to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.